Richard Alderson

Senior Tax Consultant

Richard has specialised in tax for over 30 years providing advice and supporting clients in tax investigations, disputes with HMRC and to enable them to manage the tax risk in their business.

Rreviously, Richard spent 18 years in HMRC, including working in the Fraud Investigation Service, and subsequently spent 14 years working in a "Big 4" firm leading the Tax Disputes and Tax Reporting and Strategy business in PwC in the North East.

Richard's experience and extensive technical knowledge has assisted clients on a wide range of issues to achieve the best possible results and provide clarity and certainty on their tax positions.

Recently, Richard has assisted with the following:

  • Advised on a range of enquiries and disputes, including serious fraud investigations under Code of Practice 9, settlement of tax disputes, corporate and personal residence enquiries, domicile enquiries, HMRC powers and penalties and technical queries.
  • Settlement of historic tax planning arrangements, having significant experience and understanding of a wide range of tax schemes to ensure the best possible settlement terms. Additionally, Richard has also dealt with a number of Accelerated Payment Notices and Follower Notices.
  • Assist clients in tax risk management, including preparation of Tax Strategies, SAO support, tax control framework consulting, Corporate Criminal Offence compliance and Business Risk Reviews.
  • Provide advice to clients who are in financial distress and assist in Time to Pay negotiations with HMRC.
  • Richard has also presented at tax conferences, including CIOT, IFA and other professional and industry bodies on a range of tax issues, in addition to regular presentations to other accountants and tax professionals.

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Leading National Tax Investigation Support

The team at Pannu Tax specialise in tax investigations, disputes and enquiries for clients throughout the UK.

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Gary Telford

Senior Tax Consultant

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Pannu Tax Dispute and Investigation Services

At Pannu Tax you will be advised by some of the UK's leading tax investigations and dispute specialists who have the practical experience and technical knowledge required to provide you with the type of effective support you need.

Our services include:

  • Resolving Offshore Tax Issues
  • CoP9 / Contractual Disclosure Facility
  • CoP8 Investigations
  • Settlement of Tax Avoidance Schemes
  • HMRC Corporate & Income Tax Enquiries
  • Dispute Resolution and Appeals
  • Employer Compliance Reviews / PAYE Inspections
  • Criminal Tax Investigations
  • Residence and Domicile Enquiries
  • HMRC Task Force
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Expertise & Experience

The team at Pannu Tax consist of ex HMRC tax inspectors who have then gone on to hold senior positions with international accounting firms.

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