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Pannu Tax offer help and advice to clients throughout the UK, for tax dispute resolution and appeals.

The vast majority of HMRC enquiries and disputes are capable of being resolved through discussion and negotiation. However, some, despite best efforts, require a different approach in order to make progress. These may be cases where HMRCs view or position on a particular matter is unacceptable or where the inspector is restricted from agreeing a settlement due to internal governance procedures or guidance (such as HMRCs Litigation and Settlement Strategy).

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What are the options for getting my enquiry back on track and toward a conclusion

If you're tax enquiry seems 'stuck' or an impasse has been reached there are a number of ways in which you can attempt to get movement from HMRC;

  1. If HMRC has made a formal decision in your case or on a particular point on which you disagree, you can request an Internal Review. This review will be undertaken by an inspector who has not previously been involved in your case. While experience shows that an internal review rarely overturns the original inspectors decision, it can be a good opportunity to engage with someone new to the facts of your case in an attempt to see if further progress can be made. This approach can be successful where you feel that the inspector may have prejudged the matter or where you do not feel that your evidence and arguments are being properly considered. We have had success in using this approach to get enquiries settled and back on track.
  2. If there are unacceptable delays on the part of HMRC and you feel that you have provided them with all of the material requested, the law gives you the right to apply to the Tax Tribunal to ask for the enquiry to be concluded. This approach should be used with care and only in appropriate cases. However, we have used this effectively in the past to 'encourage' the inspector to make progress.
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR"). This is a relatively new development in the tax disputes world but one which is gaining in popularity. In our experience, the proper use of ADR techniques can be extremely effective in getting long running disputes and enquiries to a satisfactory conclusion. The real value in using ADR (either through a formal 'mediation' process or informally) is that it enables someone outside of the HMRC team who has been dealing with your dispute to critically review the facts and decisions. This ('independent') inspector's objective is to test whether there is room for manoeuvre or negotiation. They are usually trained in mediation techniques and so are able to effectively explore with their own colleagues why the enquiry is 'stuck' and whether the failure to reach a conclusion is acceptable to HMRC.
  4. If all else fails, then referring your appeal against HMRCs decision for hearing before the Tax Tribunal can be an appropriate way to proceed. Taking this route can sometimes open the door for further discussion as it forces the inspector to consider whether litigation is appropriate in your particular circumstances. However, before taking this path you should be comfortable that all other options to reaching a negotiated settlement have been thoroughly explored and that you understand your chances of success.
  5. We work closely with some of he UK's leading specialist tax litigators and so can help you find the right person to help you progress your appeal.

How Can Pannu Tax Help?

We have helped numerous clients to resolve and 'unblock' enquiries and investigations. It's something that we do on a regular basis.

We have experience of using all of the above techniques and procedures and can quickly provide you with an assessment on whether there is a way forward with your issue. We provide straightforward advice; if we do not believe that your enquiry or dispute can be resolved through discussion or negotiation we will tell you.

By engaging with Pannu Tax you will have access to some of the UKs leading tax dispute specialists who are trained negotiators and accredited (CEDR) mediators with practical experience of using mediation to obtain the best possible outcomes. They also have experience of taking appeals to the Tax Tribunal.

What Do We Do?

We can:

  • Quickly review your facts and the issues and provide you with our views on how best to progress matters;
  • Use our knowledge and experience (gained from over 25 years of working at the top levels of the profession and with HMRC) to engage effectively with the inspector to explore the real reasons for the lack of progress;
  • Take you through a mediation process, if appropriate.
  • Take your case for hearing before the Tax Tribunals or, if appropriate, refer you to specialist tax litigation lawyers.

By engaging with Pannu Tax you will have access to their extensive experience and in depth and up to date knowledge of HMRCs procedures, powers and internal governance processes (usually only found in the global accountancy firms) but at an affordable price.

To get further information or for a free, confidential and no obligation discussion please contact us on 0800 246 5915, complete the contact form or email us direct at

Expertise & Experience

At Pannu Tax you will be advised by some the UK's leading tax investigations and dispute specialists who have the practical experience and the technical knowledge required to provide you with the type of effective support you need.

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How can we help?

For a free, confidential and no obligation discussion call us on 0800 246 5915 or email us direct at

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